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Online Self Help Resources

Mental Health and Wellbeing Services Aberdeenshire – Self-referral

Get free mental health improvement and wellbeing help and support from our team of dedicated professionals. Our Aberdeenshire Mental Health Improvement and Wellbeing Service aims to give you quicker access to mental health and wellbeing services, with fewer barriers and criteria to overcome.

Solihull Online Courses for parents/carers

The Scottish Government has negotiated access to Solihull Online. These are courses which help nurture a a caring and supportive relationship by carers and help understanding of the stages of a child's development from pregnancy through to 19 years through interactive activities. Courses available are; Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby, understanding your baby, understanding your child. understanding your teenager's brain. To access these for for FREE use the code TARTAN.


Identifying, treating and managing mental health problems and disorders.

Symptoms and self-help

Information on common symptoms and what to do about them. Includes stomach ache, headache and rash.

SilverCloud – GP Referral only

SilverCloud – interactive computer programme for specific conditions. Can be accessed via GP referral · Anxiety and/or Depression associated with any of the following Diabetes (Type 1 & 2),Chronic Pain, COPD, Coronary Hearth Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Social/Health Anxiety. The user will be asked to set up an account by creating a username and password. They will also be asked to enter a pin which is Scotland2020.

SilverCloud – Self Referral

SilverCloud – interactive computer programme accessible without a referral for these packages: · Managing Stress · Managing Sleep · Developing Resilience · Managing During Covid-19 You will be asked to set up an account by creating a username and password. You will also be asked to enter a pin which is Scotland2020.

Feeling down or anxious? Beating the Blues 24/7 can help…

Beating the Blues® is an effective treatment for people feeling stressed, depressed, anxious or just down in the dumps. Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the course is made up of 8 online sessions which last approximately an hour and help you to understand the link between how you think and how this influences your feelings and behaviours. If you are interested in this service please arrange an appointment with your GP, to discuss this further.